Freeplay Arcade & Bar

Where Old Skool Rulez

At Retrodome, we just love the classics, not the literary kind but the pixelated ones - video games!

We preserve the past for those old enough to remember and give the young a chance to experience a long lost icon of the 80's - the video games arcade.

Entry is by a fixed price day ticket which gives you access to all gaming areas. Or if you just fancy a sit down and a drink, the bar area is open to the general public without charge.

The Centre

Set in the heart of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, our former car parts warehouse now houses classic gaming royalty. Approaching 5000 sqft, our collection is extensive and expanding with games dating from from the late 70's to much more recent titles. Housed over 3 industrial themed floors, we offer:

Fully licensed bar and eatery, coffee and comfort.

Retro and modern coin-op arcade machines & pinball all on Free Play.

Home video games consoles from all the major players.

Conveniently located in a central position, close to the main Barnsley train and bus stations, extensive parking just a stones-throw away at a very reasonable price.

The Games

We maintain coin-op arcade machines, home video gaming consoles and Pinball machines. Whenever possible and practical we keep our machines original so you can enjoy an authentic experience without compromise. Classic games just arn't the same played on a bartop emulator with an LCD screen.

Whether retro or modern, our team goes to great lengths to try and ensure the games remain in tip-top working condition. Its requires a lot of work and dedication but as far as possible, all joysticks, spinners, buttons, lights and screens will work as intended.

That not to say we have a house full of beauty queens, O no, these are original games and have all the dings, bangs, scrapes and cigarette burns to prove it! But if the truth be known, thats just the way we like em.